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So what kinds of Kaa/Snake/Peril/Vore stuff do YOU like in particular?

Like, what overarching element or plot or thing or peril is it that you enjoy most?

Personally I love suspense. If the predator is just hypnotizing someone to hypnotize them then it all seems kind of pointless to me. Another big problem is how the ending is just a given. You KNOW they'll end up a slave (something I'm not fond of with snake hypnosis, what use has a snake for a slave? A walking pantry maybe?) or you KNOW they'll be eaten, or you KNOW they'll get away. Or worse, on RP sites they'll just have leave it because there's no proper end in site.

I feel like the best stories have a good conclusion, and build up to it, but most of all there's always a chance things could change. Perhaps for the entire story so far the snake has had things well in coil, but at the beginning of the story the victim moved to the end of the branch, and as they were coiled more and more weight from the snake threatened to break the branch. Throughout the entire story the tension builds. Perhaps the prey tries other ways of escape, the snake makes a critical error, and the whole time readers are waiting for the branch to break. Then when it does, just as the prey thinks they're free it turns out the snake was coiled enough around the tree that the branch simply falls away, leaving the victim with only the coils holding them aloft.

You know, some uncertainty.

At the same time though, Deus Ex Machina only works for me if there's a reason for it. A good Chekov's Gun. If a piece of fruit randomly falls out of a tree and knocks out the snake it's just and Ass Pull (… and it can sour the whole story for me. At least say it's a fruit tree they're under, and that over-ripe fruits are laying on the ground where they've fallen. Perhaps have someone knock the tree. You know, have SOME reason for it.


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